Friday, 10 December 2010

Let there be freedom in the land

At long last project work for this term of uni is finally over. It's been a rollercoaster for the year 2 family more for some I guess. Anyways once I have gotten round to digitizing my work I can fianlly upload some work onto the blog at long last.

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Well I have failed to keep up the updating of my blog, due to uni project deadlines. Did a presentation about comic strips and I was Charlie Brown yay for my self esteem issues. Anyways I aim to get some more stuff uploaded to the blog.
P.S. this is just a reminder for me to get my siz sorted.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

WWII Uni Project

Latest drawings from my uni project, in which I am looking at my family history during the Second World War. The image are that of my grandfather as a child living in East Ham, London during WWII holding a wooden rifle made by his neighbours who were carpenters.
The next image is that of my grandfather with my great great grandfather White, my link to the R. Whites lemonade company.
And the last image is that of the Royal Navy battleship, H.M.S Royal Oak. My other great grandfather served on this ship and was on board when it was tragically torpedoed by a German U-Boat at Scapa Flow. Though he survived the sinking, he did swallow a lot of icy water and died later in a hospital of Hyperthermia.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Doodle thing

Well it has been along tme since my last update on this blog, which is something I need to get better at. This is my second rendition of this soldier that I am now submitting to this doodle competition in Australia.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friendly Stranger

Today a cat that seems reminiscent of our previous cat Willow, has appeared to us. First heard it from the study room, meowing alot looked out and it was there under the tree, constantly meowing. I went to investigate, I thought the cat was Haddock ol nemesis of Willow, but clearly the cat was female and had different markings to him. Wasn't sure if it was a stray cuz it didn't act like a owned one, even went into our house but the presence of bobo scared her. Eventually she scurried off to the other side of our house sitting there observing the hedge. I fed milk and cheese believing the poor thing to be stray, ill or hungry wasn't sure, it did drink the whole milk bowl and all the cheese and it became most friendly. But it looked too well kept to be a stray though it had no collar and most cats of this neighbourhood who are owned don't tend to linger with strangers or act in this way.

It came to the house twice and both occasions went in and got pretty cozy but again the presence of others scared her.... seemed only fond of me, also tried to jump on top of dad's car but slid down on its attempt unharmed of course. I don't know if I shall see this most intriguing cat and know if its stray or not. Currently saw it still sitting on the otherside of the estate at the hedge. Tomorrow will reveal all.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Bad news today Joe the rabbit died so no more surprise appearances of the little fella who'd come into the garden and nibble away happily he was a ray of joy in our garden and shall be missed.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Argh! here be our treasure map on this cracker which polly will keep for safe keeping.

Artist Otis Frampton (whose work is amazing very cartoony but worth checking out especially you star wars fans) did a influence map here's the link:

This got me thinking about what influences me and of course there too many to mention but by having a map like this for situations where imagination fails you you can just look at this visual map to help rekindle those brain cells so I'm definitely gonna do one of these when I get back to Uni!

Monday, 16 August 2010

We did it!

Finally got round to start my uni project no more 'commissions' to do now. So started my title page yay with the project theme centred on time.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Damn you shell head!

There was supposed to be another marker sketch of Iron Man entangled by Whiplash from the Iron Man 2 film but I screwed it up, plus the paper is bristol board so it's not cheap and I they are all 14x20 cm roughly so I cut 4 out from an a3 paper so when I screwed up that was the last one cut and this drawing was supposed to be the last marker sketch so I can get on with my uni work so instead of tempting myself to do 3 more I have decided that it ends with Deadpool who turned great so I guess it's good to end on a high note.

Popcorn with your beating sir?

Got round to a this insinuated request from a German on deviant art for a new picture of my Batmobile. So decided for a new setting a classic American drive in theatre which if you can't tell is playing the 40's 'Mark of Zorro' and what I like is that I came across this still of Zorro interrogating someone which is exactly what Batman is doing with the movie player who is also a crook and he knows something so I felt the two scenarios went hand in hand and I like how it turned out. Plus I think only colouring the screen and leaving everything else black and white has a nice touch plus I have left the background empty to reflect on the eerie peace of people just watching a film with Batman kinda ruining it. Plus this film was chosen in particular because it is the very film Batman watched on the night that he witnesses his parent's murder and becomes the Dark knight; also the character of Batman was supposedly inspired by Zorro.

What? Babies creep me out. Aww goodbye. Bang!

Ah Deadpool simply the best thing to happen to comics ever! First time drawing the Crimson Comedian, and I love it! Felt like I got my groove back with this number.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Face of Evil...

Final Image for today; Ultron nemesis of the super hero team the Avengers! I liked the lighting on this guy turned out nice, though I couldn't think up of anything for a background so did the whole red thing but I think it made the image a bit difficult to read, not as good as the Joker image but nevertheless I like it.

The Joke's on you Hoops!

Finally got round to doing a Joker piece...yay! Based on the animated Joker from the cartoon especially from 'Under the Red Hood', gone is the long witch like nose and a more gritty Joker takes form. Anyway the title does refer to the fact that the Joker card was based on Jerry Robinson Joker card back from the 40's. I decided since it was a simple design I got cocky and did from 'memory' turns out I made alot of mistakes even though I stylized the card image it should look like:
Once I realized this I was p***ed off but couldn't help but laugh to myself as the Joker looked like he was mocking me for my mistake. Ah life's little jokes...

Is it a plane is it a hoops...

Not a big fan of the Man of Steel but still like to be able to draw him which is fine until I get to that annoying 'S' on his chest which in the end did it quite geometric like instead of it being fluid. Plus I changed the style a little because I did quite like the 40-50's cartoon of him, very art deco so based him on that but the background which is Metropolis turned out quite dirty cuz I used too much brown I think. Was going for bright, but I'm still learning.

A little surprise

The Blue Beetle. I feel more improvement with this one but still not quite there. Other than that when I originally did this it was the other way around but it kinda felt like he was just hello so whilst doing some stars I noticed that the one that was shining a bit was in his direction of sight if flipped upside down so I decided to do it the way it is now and added more 'shine' to that star. A nice accident.

You gonna play with matches you're gonna get Burned!

Spawn the comic book series that made no sense what so ever but was entertaining. Not sure what to make of this guy since, most of these drawings tended to get better after the next one, but this....I don't know I guess I'll let other people judge this one.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Happy hour's over bright eyes!!!

You better watch out cuz I'm a War Machine!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Gotham Knight

Truly a crescendo of the my drawings thus far with Batman in the rain again...surprised he hasn't caught pneumonia with just wearing tights in that weather...

The American

I don't know why but I always get this sense of peace and satisfaction whenever I draw Cap so maybe I should obsess over him instead of Iron Man. This piece is set back in the day of WW2 in the pacific featuring Captain America and Bucky Barnes silhouetted waving the American flag I love this image...

More beast than man

Finally image in this 'tension' series. With wolverine who is another marvel hero that I always wanted to try out rendering. Obviously couldn't use webbing for him so I felt that chains would be appropriate but then I realize I hate drawing chains....

Back in black

I have always wanted to draw Spider Man but more so in his black costume. So this is my first time rendering the web slinger and continued the theme that now traverses four images so it ends in the next image. I really like this style I suppose that I'm using bit more graphic and the lines tend to be just lines with very little use of curved lines.

Carnage....says it all really

For some reason I decided to continue this kind of tension for the figure via restraint with webbing like the previous image although carnage doesn't use webbing but rather himself to project tentacles. But anyway another notorious spidey villain and my first time drawing him, really like how he turned out.

I'm gonna eat ya face off!!!

My rendition of Venom for the first time, with this version being that of Mac Gargan a.k.a Scorpion who has become the best spidey villain ever! Got inspired to do a more graphic style to better suit my use of markers and I found Chris Bachalo to be of great inspiration behind this piece!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Good news everyone....

Oh yeah just remembered I won a game of bowling 2 days ago with some old friends and I got 3 strikes and got 135 for my score; major achievement as I usually lose at bowling and also I won a game of bowl and air hockey all in the same day guess I had my game on that day.

Apocalypse dream of snow.....

Had a strange apocalyptic dream last night that I believed involved global warming anyway the whole area in which I live was covered in snow and lots of people were out and then I looked to the sky to see this huuuuugggggggge comet like snowball coming down from the sky (guess God wanted a snowball fight and win) and then instead of breaking apart it hit some houses and it bounced (this dream defies all laws of physics) and hit some more then all of a sudden there more comet snowballs in the sky and that's all I remember but this makes apocalyptic dream number 2 for me and by far the most comedic of them. The first one was pretty scary involving dark skies a red burning star almost volcanic like with comets raining down. Why am I dreaming this its odd why can't I dream nice things for once. I guess a givin'...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall who is but the hoops of them all....

This is a self portrait of me specifically to capture the essence of Hoops I felt it necessary to capture the madness of the eyes as all mad and brilliant men have!......................... it would seem I have already posted this monstrosity already twice the fail...

Free Running

Ok well this piece is kinda of inspired by two little second years I know that have been of great inspiration to me and made the course more enjoyable for me huzzah so before I break down in tears like a chef who hates the world I dedicate this to you Joe and Josh second years answer to Bill and Ben the flower pot men R.Whites salutes you!

Raining Batman

Another study of Batman in the rain complete with markers, felt I needed to make it up to the Mister B for mostly doing Iron Man drawings mostly.

Holy paper buckle Batman!

Another sketch card of my favourite crusader. Little experiment with the image done with ink washes on Bristol board paper which buckled the paper badly so now I have one odd sketch card no my collection is doomed doooooooommmmmmeeeddd!


Another sketch card of Captain Jack Sparrow for my Nan who is a Johnny Depp fan... Why? I don't know maybe it's something to do... with ... his deep.. eyes... end communication!

A Gift of Iron Soldiers!

Sketch card withdrawal symptoms have hit me with a vengeance with these Iron Men series which I drew all the noteworthy armours' from the comics. Hurray

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Batman Beyond

The Hoops

And here is a stylized self visualization of moi, Hoops C.E.O of R.Whites lemonade and founder of all hoop related items of historical significance such as the hula hoop...crisp!

Sketch Cards part deux

Sketch cards are back with a vengeance! Since my last sketch card post I have been trying a new technique in the use of marker pens in learning to sort of use them as paint. Usually with certain colours I just used varying tones of it but now learning to mix them with other colours. testimony to the background in the images.

As seen I think it gives a vibrant feel to it and I'm quite pleased with the progress of development so far. And this is my character Walrusco yes weird
like Edd.
Decided to start drawing some of my own characters instead of the usual ones from DC and Marvel which makes a nice change of pace from things. So here is my character Big P.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

To dream...

By the way had this weird dream that I can't quite remember, (but then again who does) and it was a sort of nostalgic time travelling dream and Joe and Josh were my guides or something... but I think this could be a cool idea for a story or something already got something in the works that could relate project for Uni...

I am vengeance I am the night I am Batman!

And here is my masterpiece so far. Got inspired by this Hiro t-shirt that I have and I liked the design for that shirt so I decided to try and emulate that design with Batman. Also tried experimenting with tea stain's as a form of paint. Not a bad first attempt but I think with practice and further experimentations I could possible unlock a new media to use.

Sketch Cards

Well found out that some comic book artist do sketch card drawings for commissions and stuff and what amazed me more was that they are the size of trading cards and some just look insane with detail they must have used a microscope.
But anyway's here are selection of sketch cards I tried myself, depicting random characters from comic books and films through raffle... I know but weird but it does the job.

Also I found this process to be quite beneficial as a kind of warm up for doing more complex drawings of such... but does get the creative juices flowing yay!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mental Torment

Photograph - I don't want your
Photograph - I don't need your
Photograph - All I've got is a photograph

Ok I get it already you don't want their photograph leave me alone Def Leppard geez maybe a can of spaghetti hoops will calm my torment.....

Now that your rose is in bloom...

I have no idea why I wanted to post this... I think it has something to do with the fumes from R.Whites the majesty of lemonade!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Batmobile 2

Another image of the batmobile I drew parked, with an over looking view of Gotham City.

Quick Robin to the....'Bat-mobile!'...

This took me awhile to render especially coming up with a shape for the car, which I looked at concept cars because their designs are never used and that makes em unique which is the shape I wanted the batmobile to be.
But here it is parked in on the streets of Gotham City, on a typical rainy night.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Avengers Assembled!!!!!

With the Avenger project concluded I can take a little break with some few sketches and enjoying the good summer more! Next project batmobile; in which I shall draw my own design for the batmobile awesome and then after that should do the Snuggle-face comic.

The Wasp

The final image of the avengers bit exhausted mentally did the 3 drawings today usually just do the one.

Little beaut

Really like this drawing I usually have difficulty drawing women but this was great feel like I imporved other one drawing huzzah for R.Whites a triumph of will.

It's Giant Man

Here is Giant-Man coloured with markers yay!

Who's invited this d******d?

Never knew of a giant man and what I've read he used to be called Ant-man, and then decided to call himself different names all the time. Anyway here is Avenger Giant Man.

The Incredible Hulk

Here is the Hulk all finished with graphic markers which I really love to colour with but are really expensive. Would have used watercolour as I'am aiming to be good at using them over the summer but the paper it was drawn on wasn't suitable for that process, as is the same with the other Avenger images.

Hulk Mad!!!

This the Hulk; bit annoyed I went with the typical depiction of Hulk as a giant muscle man when original I was hoping for more of a Frankenstien look. oh well maybe next time.

By Odin's Beard!!!

Here is the Norse God hero of Marvel Thor, coloured in all his glory; next up Giant Man.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Mighty Thor

Here it is, Thor looking badass.

The Armoured Avenger finished

Now the image completed with graphic pens; it looks good now on to Thor!

The Armoured Avenger

Inked version of the classic Iron Man with some of my own little design aesthetic inputs.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pencilled image of Iron Man For my Avengers team project.

Ol' Cap

Ok here is a better quality image of Captain America.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Finished Bike Sketch

Completed with watercolours huzzah. So this is one image challenge done.