Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Experimental Batman part 2

Decided to push what I did yesterday a bit further, with interesting results. There are a couple of failures, and they were due to using markers over pencils which is hard to control that led to them being ruined and unfinished. The rest however were done in a similar fashion as before though some are done a little differently. One example is that I used the markers as a base colour only, and then gone over it in polychromos pencils to add tone.

The third image on the top row shows a bit more what I am striving to achieve. Essentially I plan on doing a complete greyscale noir image of Batman without having to ink my line work. It has been refreshing and overly different to how I normally work, and I can see this being used again for future works so I will continue to push it further.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Experimental Batman

Currently doing a bit of media experimentation with polychromos pencils and marker pens. I'm currently working on special noir styled piece for an upcoming event with my local comic book store, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Batman. Though scanning images done in pencil and markers has always come out very poorly, so I tried a higher resolution. It does look better than usual but it's not quite to my liking. 

The far right image is just pencil over marker blended with a marker pen. It didn't achieve the desired affect as the pencil didn't really blend or smooth out onto the marker.

The middle image is just pencil over markers in a near finished state just to give an overall idea of what the finished visual would look like. 

The last image is the same as the previous expect the use of pencil to add tone over the marker on the face and top of the cowl, via sansador on a tortillon. This is closer to the affect I wish to achieve, and aim to push it with further samples.