Friday, 30 July 2010

Good news everyone....

Oh yeah just remembered I won a game of bowling 2 days ago with some old friends and I got 3 strikes and got 135 for my score; major achievement as I usually lose at bowling and also I won a game of bowl and air hockey all in the same day guess I had my game on that day.

Apocalypse dream of snow.....

Had a strange apocalyptic dream last night that I believed involved global warming anyway the whole area in which I live was covered in snow and lots of people were out and then I looked to the sky to see this huuuuugggggggge comet like snowball coming down from the sky (guess God wanted a snowball fight and win) and then instead of breaking apart it hit some houses and it bounced (this dream defies all laws of physics) and hit some more then all of a sudden there more comet snowballs in the sky and that's all I remember but this makes apocalyptic dream number 2 for me and by far the most comedic of them. The first one was pretty scary involving dark skies a red burning star almost volcanic like with comets raining down. Why am I dreaming this its odd why can't I dream nice things for once. I guess a givin'...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall who is but the hoops of them all....

This is a self portrait of me specifically to capture the essence of Hoops I felt it necessary to capture the madness of the eyes as all mad and brilliant men have!......................... it would seem I have already posted this monstrosity already twice the fail...

Free Running

Ok well this piece is kinda of inspired by two little second years I know that have been of great inspiration to me and made the course more enjoyable for me huzzah so before I break down in tears like a chef who hates the world I dedicate this to you Joe and Josh second years answer to Bill and Ben the flower pot men R.Whites salutes you!

Raining Batman

Another study of Batman in the rain complete with markers, felt I needed to make it up to the Mister B for mostly doing Iron Man drawings mostly.

Holy paper buckle Batman!

Another sketch card of my favourite crusader. Little experiment with the image done with ink washes on Bristol board paper which buckled the paper badly so now I have one odd sketch card no my collection is doomed doooooooommmmmmeeeddd!


Another sketch card of Captain Jack Sparrow for my Nan who is a Johnny Depp fan... Why? I don't know maybe it's something to do... with ... his deep.. eyes... end communication!

A Gift of Iron Soldiers!

Sketch card withdrawal symptoms have hit me with a vengeance with these Iron Men series which I drew all the noteworthy armours' from the comics. Hurray

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Batman Beyond

The Hoops

And here is a stylized self visualization of moi, Hoops C.E.O of R.Whites lemonade and founder of all hoop related items of historical significance such as the hula hoop...crisp!

Sketch Cards part deux

Sketch cards are back with a vengeance! Since my last sketch card post I have been trying a new technique in the use of marker pens in learning to sort of use them as paint. Usually with certain colours I just used varying tones of it but now learning to mix them with other colours. testimony to the background in the images.

As seen I think it gives a vibrant feel to it and I'm quite pleased with the progress of development so far. And this is my character Walrusco yes weird
like Edd.
Decided to start drawing some of my own characters instead of the usual ones from DC and Marvel which makes a nice change of pace from things. So here is my character Big P.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

To dream...

By the way had this weird dream that I can't quite remember, (but then again who does) and it was a sort of nostalgic time travelling dream and Joe and Josh were my guides or something... but I think this could be a cool idea for a story or something already got something in the works that could relate project for Uni...

I am vengeance I am the night I am Batman!

And here is my masterpiece so far. Got inspired by this Hiro t-shirt that I have and I liked the design for that shirt so I decided to try and emulate that design with Batman. Also tried experimenting with tea stain's as a form of paint. Not a bad first attempt but I think with practice and further experimentations I could possible unlock a new media to use.

Sketch Cards

Well found out that some comic book artist do sketch card drawings for commissions and stuff and what amazed me more was that they are the size of trading cards and some just look insane with detail they must have used a microscope.
But anyway's here are selection of sketch cards I tried myself, depicting random characters from comic books and films through raffle... I know but weird but it does the job.

Also I found this process to be quite beneficial as a kind of warm up for doing more complex drawings of such... but does get the creative juices flowing yay!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mental Torment

Photograph - I don't want your
Photograph - I don't need your
Photograph - All I've got is a photograph

Ok I get it already you don't want their photograph leave me alone Def Leppard geez maybe a can of spaghetti hoops will calm my torment.....

Now that your rose is in bloom...

I have no idea why I wanted to post this... I think it has something to do with the fumes from R.Whites the majesty of lemonade!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Batmobile 2

Another image of the batmobile I drew parked, with an over looking view of Gotham City.

Quick Robin to the....'Bat-mobile!'...

This took me awhile to render especially coming up with a shape for the car, which I looked at concept cars because their designs are never used and that makes em unique which is the shape I wanted the batmobile to be.
But here it is parked in on the streets of Gotham City, on a typical rainy night.