Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friendly Stranger

Today a cat that seems reminiscent of our previous cat Willow, has appeared to us. First heard it from the study room, meowing alot looked out and it was there under the tree, constantly meowing. I went to investigate, I thought the cat was Haddock ol nemesis of Willow, but clearly the cat was female and had different markings to him. Wasn't sure if it was a stray cuz it didn't act like a owned one, even went into our house but the presence of bobo scared her. Eventually she scurried off to the other side of our house sitting there observing the hedge. I fed milk and cheese believing the poor thing to be stray, ill or hungry wasn't sure, it did drink the whole milk bowl and all the cheese and it became most friendly. But it looked too well kept to be a stray though it had no collar and most cats of this neighbourhood who are owned don't tend to linger with strangers or act in this way.

It came to the house twice and both occasions went in and got pretty cozy but again the presence of others scared her.... seemed only fond of me, also tried to jump on top of dad's car but slid down on its attempt unharmed of course. I don't know if I shall see this most intriguing cat and know if its stray or not. Currently saw it still sitting on the otherside of the estate at the hedge. Tomorrow will reveal all.


  1. Hoops you shouldn't give cats milk or cheese! it gives them an upset stomach!

  2. the milk was watered down the ratio being more water than milk and it just a small bit of cheese. Also the cat never returned so guessing it must be owned somewhere.