Saturday, 26 June 2010

Avengers Assembled!!!!!

With the Avenger project concluded I can take a little break with some few sketches and enjoying the good summer more! Next project batmobile; in which I shall draw my own design for the batmobile awesome and then after that should do the Snuggle-face comic.

The Wasp

The final image of the avengers bit exhausted mentally did the 3 drawings today usually just do the one.

Little beaut

Really like this drawing I usually have difficulty drawing women but this was great feel like I imporved other one drawing huzzah for R.Whites a triumph of will.

It's Giant Man

Here is Giant-Man coloured with markers yay!

Who's invited this d******d?

Never knew of a giant man and what I've read he used to be called Ant-man, and then decided to call himself different names all the time. Anyway here is Avenger Giant Man.

The Incredible Hulk

Here is the Hulk all finished with graphic markers which I really love to colour with but are really expensive. Would have used watercolour as I'am aiming to be good at using them over the summer but the paper it was drawn on wasn't suitable for that process, as is the same with the other Avenger images.

Hulk Mad!!!

This the Hulk; bit annoyed I went with the typical depiction of Hulk as a giant muscle man when original I was hoping for more of a Frankenstien look. oh well maybe next time.

By Odin's Beard!!!

Here is the Norse God hero of Marvel Thor, coloured in all his glory; next up Giant Man.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Mighty Thor

Here it is, Thor looking badass.

The Armoured Avenger finished

Now the image completed with graphic pens; it looks good now on to Thor!

The Armoured Avenger

Inked version of the classic Iron Man with some of my own little design aesthetic inputs.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pencilled image of Iron Man For my Avengers team project.

Ol' Cap

Ok here is a better quality image of Captain America.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Finished Bike Sketch

Completed with watercolours huzzah. So this is one image challenge done.

Cycling Japan

Inked sketch of what was originally a woman on a bicycle has now turned into this now being in a Japanese street. Drawn on watercolour paper and soon to be painted.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Golden Avenger Pt. 3

Photo of the stage I am currently at, with having already painted the whole background and foreground of the image, although still may need to tweak areas of the painting but so far this pin up of Iron Man is looking sweet.

The Golden Avenger Pt. 2

Here I have used watercolours on the image with just Iron Man coloured. I'm hoping to eventually become good at the use of watercolours as a media and to diversify from the usual graphic markers that I'am more prone to use. So far the image is looking good; got inspired by the Don Heck Illustrations of the early Iron Man comics and decided to try a style of drawing that is similar to 60's styled comics but sort of retain my style of sorts.

The Golden Avenger

Here is the begining of my Iron Man drawing done with just fine liners and brush pen on a Hot Pressed watercolour paper.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Over this summer I'm aiming to improve myself for the next year at Uni and it would be great if anyone could give me suggestions of what to draw I'm hoping this will better my skills and how I go about a drawing.

Lt, Thunder vs The Red Lion

A page from a graphic novel I was working on at Uni as part of the narrative project, which I feel was the best project of the first year so I'm quite proud of this image though still got alot to learn to become good though.

Good ol' Shell Head.

Wrath on a Spire

Super posting today! This is an old drawing of mine but one of my favourites, and an image of one of my own characters I created a while back. Never got round to colouring the rest but i think just having a red sky evokes an emotive quality to this image.

It's been a while since my last posted work on this blog, but I'm hopefully gonna try to post more often. Anyways this image is final piece from a project based on viewpoint, and I 'had' to do one an image on the whole Hung Parliament scenario that was going on at the the time. Basically what this image is saying is that the Lib Dems have the power to decide which other party is gonna win the election.

Tim Sale Hulk vs Iron Man

Awesome image by the great Tim Sale never knew he did an Iron Man drawing. Plus what I love about this image is this retro style to the image like how comics used to be drawn in the old days.