Thursday, 12 August 2010

Damn you shell head!

There was supposed to be another marker sketch of Iron Man entangled by Whiplash from the Iron Man 2 film but I screwed it up, plus the paper is bristol board so it's not cheap and I they are all 14x20 cm roughly so I cut 4 out from an a3 paper so when I screwed up that was the last one cut and this drawing was supposed to be the last marker sketch so I can get on with my uni work so instead of tempting myself to do 3 more I have decided that it ends with Deadpool who turned great so I guess it's good to end on a high note.


  1. Hoops, what is the benefit of using bristol board? i've only used it once and it seemed way too shiny and smooth, it was a hassle!
    why do you prefer the shiny surface to course surfaces like watercolour or cartridge paper?

    Thankyou. sorry to hear about your latest piece.
    dont turn communist.

  2. Sorry for the late reply man, I prefer bristol because it takes markers really well, whereas cartridge paper it bleeds and watercolour absorbs the ink way too much so the pen runs out quickly.