Thursday, 12 August 2010

Popcorn with your beating sir?

Got round to a this insinuated request from a German on deviant art for a new picture of my Batmobile. So decided for a new setting a classic American drive in theatre which if you can't tell is playing the 40's 'Mark of Zorro' and what I like is that I came across this still of Zorro interrogating someone which is exactly what Batman is doing with the movie player who is also a crook and he knows something so I felt the two scenarios went hand in hand and I like how it turned out. Plus I think only colouring the screen and leaving everything else black and white has a nice touch plus I have left the background empty to reflect on the eerie peace of people just watching a film with Batman kinda ruining it. Plus this film was chosen in particular because it is the very film Batman watched on the night that he witnesses his parent's murder and becomes the Dark knight; also the character of Batman was supposedly inspired by Zorro.

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