Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New side project...

I am planning now to do a Star Wars project over the period of 3 or 6 weeks focusing on the original trilogy of course so naturally I shall be starting with New Hope, followed by Empire and Return of the Jedi, so keep a look out folks.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Page 12

And here is the final page to my short comic story. This is my first attempt at doing a comic book story and to actually draw one out in the same manner I would if I were commissioned to do this. Although there are a few mistakes made, such as not leaving much space for text and so forth, I feel that this has been a successful project. Hopefully we can get this comic as a online pdf or a flash book or something. Anyways hope you have enjoyed reading this short story.

Page 11

Page 10

Page 9

This page contains the other crossover with Ondrej's story, with his truck just being visible on the last panel in the background, with the use of his brown colour to connect the two stories, in which Ondrej's gang of Sicilian's are bootlegging whiskey and get a spooked when they initially suspect the cops are coming after them.

Page 8

Page 7

This page has the crossover between mine and Benj's story clearly indicated with the use of an additional colour that runs through Benj's story and the inclusion of his character detective Lawrence Shaw.

Page 6

Page 5

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Page 1

And here it is the first page of my comic story within Fedora.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chapter 3 'RED'

So here it is the title page of the story I did for our uni project on doing a comic book about 30's gangsters in Chicago. My story focuses on two bank robbers who have a Bonnie and Clyde edge to them ie they are romantically involved and have a life of crime together. This story follows the story exploring a small part of the lives of Rick 'Red' Blaine and Anna 'Kitty' Bacall, with their two associates Harvey 'Dint' Egan and Fred 'Big Six' Whalley. This story came from a dream I had awhile back now and of course condensed and made a more refined story that would allow crossovers to occur with the other two stories that occur in the comic book so watch out for those. Anyways I shall be posting one page at a time so tomorrow shall be page 1 so stay tuned as it happens.


At last the comic is complete sent the stuff to the printers which should be done this morning hopefully in time for the assessment to which once that is done I shall post up the pages of the comic on the blog.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FEDORA a gangster story

Been away for a while but I am currently been doing an uber 3 week collaborative project with some friends of mine for our final project for second year. So if you guys wanna be up to date with what we are doing, then hit the link to a world of cool hats and gangsters.