Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thunder's First Outing!

At last I have done a comic story of Thunder, though tis a short one and by no means is this the finished product. Going through it there are clear mistakes, errors and some sloppy panelling techniques such example would be the 3 panels with the gun firing, which slows down the pacing of the story though it had reached its natural conclusion, at least to me it did.
Also it was supposed to indicate him firing it three times, but as that wasn't clear I have failed to show it. In addition continuity errors too, such as the fire exit door changing ends and the height of the ledges too.
Finally the last page is quite a cheesy typical splash look at me type of page, which I don't really want looking at it now, though at the time it seemed great.
Depressing this post so far but, I take it as a positive one. I am still learning and making mental notes in what not to do and how to improve, so at least I am being constructively aware, but I want to be like that whilst I am working and not after it.
Anyways hope to get an improved one up soon laters.

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