Thursday, 5 January 2012

Once more into the breech...

2011 has now past, and with it gone comes a new year to present it's own challenges. Reflecting the recent passing of last year, I see a noticeable progress in my work. How it now feels that I have found my niche with this film noir, art deco, graphic inspired visual style, and now with the advice of a good mentor, it is time now for this year to really apply that style into different contexts much like with the nursery rhyme of 'Jack and Jill'.
Though I need to push it further by maybe trying to create a Coca Cola advert in the visual style that I use. It could even be used for editorials.
Essentially I now need to show that it is a style that I can produce unto any brief that I could potentially be given once I start getting commissions.
However, although this thought is in the best interest to create more diversity to my portfolio, I sometimes can't help but feel that if I spread myself out too much I will become at best average in doing these various fields of work. If I were to focus on comics only, then naturally I should be very good at comics, but would mean that I would not be employable for other commissions. It's a hard balance with trying to do something that you are passionate about, and yet also needing to be a bit more diverse, but not too much.
In the words of Derek Zoolander ' I guess I got a lot of pondering to do'.

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  1. Coca Cola advert would be pretty sweet! You have found your niche, now polish those gems! I reckon if you work hard at this, in time people will look at your work and say 'That's definitely a Dave Hooper!'
    Lets slay this beast together this term!