Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chapter 3 'RED'

So here it is the title page of the story I did for our uni project on doing a comic book about 30's gangsters in Chicago. My story focuses on two bank robbers who have a Bonnie and Clyde edge to them ie they are romantically involved and have a life of crime together. This story follows the story exploring a small part of the lives of Rick 'Red' Blaine and Anna 'Kitty' Bacall, with their two associates Harvey 'Dint' Egan and Fred 'Big Six' Whalley. This story came from a dream I had awhile back now and of course condensed and made a more refined story that would allow crossovers to occur with the other two stories that occur in the comic book so watch out for those. Anyways I shall be posting one page at a time so tomorrow shall be page 1 so stay tuned as it happens.

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