Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Romanian Girl.

I initially did this drawing of Diana from our trip to Romania this summer. This was practice to see if I could draw someone but rendered in my own visual style, and I felt that is had its successes. Then an idea struck me. Bruce Timm is one of my major sources of visual inspiration especially his women and he often does images where he has a black and white visual that he then makes a fully coloured version. So I figured it might be an interesting experiment to try out.
Here is the result of my experiment. The scan does not do the original justice and even with the tweaks from Photoshop it is still an imperfect reproduction. This version is completed mostly with a combination of watercolour pencils and markers. Bruce Timm's colouring has that film noir poster flavour to it, which I did not successfully replicate. Instead I went for a more painterly approach utilizing my old life drawing class techniques. The end result I am particularly pleased with and I will be very open to trying this out again.
Finally I did a quick little additional experiment by overlaying the two images just to see what the outcome would be. Again I think this is another success and perhaps maybe stick to traditional methods for perhaps a full colour comic.

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