Saturday, 5 May 2012

Free comic book day

Today was a good day. I got asked by my local comic shop to showcase my work for the free comic book day, which I did and meet some really nice people that made the day all worthwhile. Also I initially had no plan of doing any commissions for people and just thought I would be drawing all day and just displaying my portfolio. So I sketched out Garrus from Mass Effect and suddenly people got interested and so I sold him for £2.50. Very modest pricing on my part, though I was very surprised someone wanted to buy a sketch off me. Afterwards I charged a fiver for a sketch and made quite a bit of money. So today was a really cool day to promote my work and have people look at it especially people I consider to be my audience who appreciated my work too, so it is a promising start.
Thank you Garrus! Always there when I can count on you!


  1. Scoped and dropped! I love this rifle!

  2. This guy wanted to go off on a suicide mission on the road a couple of times. Ha cheers guys glad you like him :)