Monday, 20 June 2011

Badman comic

OK two things one I now have a title for my western comic, and two I have a rough story to work with now bo yargh! The title is 'Badman', reason being twas the name given to men in the old west who were skilled with a gun, as they weren't called gunfighters or gunslingers which those terms originated in literature or movies. There are other names but I preferred this, you know simple and you kinda get the idea for the story.
Which leads me to the story, which has a romantic side to it, I know I seem to be a sucker for this. Anyway, the main character is a famed pistoleer (yes that is also what they were called at the time), who wants to get home after the end of the American Civil War, though he must contend with other gunman who are after his legendary status, before he can be at peace with his family. So I'm gonna be working on that whilst also doing other things as well.

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